I fucking hate and am tired of myself.

2021.11.30 05:46 Useless-pieceofsh1t I fucking hate and am tired of myself.

I'm an obsessive, jealous friend. I'm a horrible person i should really end it already, none of my friends want me around so why should i stay, they don't even want me there. Why don't i just kms or disappear?
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2021.11.30 05:46 Severe_Difficulty614 Can the mods make a weekly discussion thread?

Just one thread once a week for discussion. Or even once a month. Rather than a lot of people making a lot of threads for different topics.
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2021.11.30 05:46 NoZookeepergame1912 Am I Being Punished? Is This Karma? I Made A Free Play Account Bc I'm Stuck In My Real Account So I Used The Free Codes To Get Gems For The Gacha And I Got Pure Vanilla 2nd Ten Pull? 😭😭 Idk What To Do, I Want Him On My Real Account Is There A Way To Transfer Him To My Real Account?

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2021.11.30 05:46 JaneChevrolet Do you wanna put your face on it? 😈🦶🏻🥰 Snapchat @JaneChevrolet 👻

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2021.11.30 05:46 jackal209kryptic Zero engagement cqb city

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2021.11.30 05:46 opcoupon 41% off >> $409.99 >> Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]

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2021.11.30 05:46 m17171311 First class antipsychotics for BPD?

I'm currently admitted to a psych ward and they've been giving me huge doses of levometrazin and triapidal (antipsychotics), besides my old prescribed meds (sertraline and quetiapine) which made me feel wonderful . To give some context, i switched psych wards 2 weeks ago and my ex Doctor was amazing and really did me good with my old prescription. Sertraline and quetiapine literally changed my life . This new doc though, has no experience with BPD (I'm primarily here for detox) , and just keeps me giving enormous amounts of antipsychotics which only makes things worse (i get angry more easily , depressive , no joy in doing things ).
So bottom line i don't suggest anyone with BPD to take first class antipsychotics,or do it if it's your thing and it works for me . But for me they only made me depressive and emotionally blunt so I'll just stick to my good old antidepressant and mood stabilizer once I'm out ,thank you.
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2021.11.30 05:46 DogePowered Vrcover 5m link cable is not working

So i recently bought q2, normally i have rift s but i wanted to make a difference. The problem is when i plug in to pc, its charging normally, but its not recognizing pc. I tried with original oculus charging cable and it works fine, also i tried with 3 different pc's and they had the same issue. I tried everything vrcover support said. Im thinking its faulty product. What can i do does anybody have the same issue ?
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2021.11.30 05:46 JST-A-RANDOM-GUY Can anyone list all the Saint's row 4 versions and state which is better to play ?

It looks like there are many versions for Saints row 4 but i can only buy one, so I need your help to figure out which one I should buy.
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2021.11.30 05:46 2enssy Why is my profile so zoomed in, how can I fix this please! I want it back to normal.

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2021.11.30 05:46 copperoutlaw Tesla coil playing megalomania

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2021.11.30 05:46 noircheology Spent $10 on this but I don’t like green apples.

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2021.11.30 05:46 Weeeeiyuan Li Auto posts Q3 revenue of $1.21 billion, beating expectations

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2021.11.30 05:46 razor_blade- Remembering all the embarrassing things that happened in front of him

I was comfortable around him and therefore, I didn't have a problem with sharing anything embarrassing about me, as well as farting in front of him and all the other things.
Now that he left, all those memories come back to me and I feel bad about it. I don't know, I just think that he sees me as a pathetic person and it kills me. I know him so I know he would never go around and tell other people that, but I learned that I should never trust anyone, especially him, and it scares me.
Also, the fact that someone who is not going to be my lifelong partner knows such things is not comfortable with me.
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2021.11.30 05:46 horny7053 22 [F] hi daddy, do you want to have fun and spend a moment in which you 🌫🌫com.... I'm full complacent and horny both incall and out service Write on my snap.......Rodriguezlin616.....you will not regret your moment with me ❤🔥💧💙

22 [F] hi daddy, do you want to have fun and spend a moment in which you 🌫🌫com.... I'm full complacent and horny both incall and out service Write on my snap.......Rodriguezlin616.....you will not regret your moment with me ❤🔥💧💙 submitted by horny7053 to texasthighss [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 05:46 Mesartic Ξεκαθάρισμα στο ρόστερ της ΑΕΚ, μέρος 2ο

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2021.11.30 05:46 simp0824 INTO1 got nominated for BEST NEW ARTIST for “The Storm Center” on the Asian Pop Music Awards 2021 🥳 (11.30.2021)

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2021.11.30 05:46 Drugtrain Aura, Kaleva, Untamola – Elinkeinoelämän valtuus­kunta tekisi Suomesta kymmenen osavaltion liitto­valtion

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2021.11.30 05:46 wattenforgames Kris draws a weird Picture of rouxls kaard

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2021.11.30 05:46 mojzekinohokker Betrayal question

So Camera is rank 2 captain of Transportation. I would like to execute him again to raise his rank to 3. The problem is that he doesn't spawn anymore. Is this because his safehouse is already full? If yes how can I lose some xp to make him spawn again ? Thanks !
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2021.11.30 05:46 Other-Currency-1930 Another busy week

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2021.11.30 05:46 Significant_Candle32 Rant about how my lab supervisor and phD scholars are PIECES OF SHIT and absolutely TOXIC!!

I am currently about to start the last semester of my masters. I'm doing masters in Biotechnology from a good, reputed uni in my country. but I can't just begin to describe how big of an A-hole my teacher's behaviour is.
So to start with, I was called back to uni after covid in Sept. I was to start my lab work in October and my supervisor and the PhD scholars of the lab made me do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the two months I was on campus. All this time, the other students of my class were regularly going to labs and working on the minor dissertation report that we had to submit. I can't tell u how stressed how I was during those two months because my supervisor would not answer my emails, would not schedule meetings, would not assign PhD scholars under whom we would work, and those PhD scholars DID NOT CALL ME TO THE LAB FOR ONE FUCKING DAY when they knew that I had to submit my "preliminary results" in the report. WTF I WAS SUPPOSED TO ADD IN RESULTS WHEN I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! somehow, I managed to submit the report and gave the presentation without the results.
But, during the presentation one of the profs asked me why I did not have any results if I was present on the campus for over two months. To this, I was extremely blatant and honest and told in front of 7-8 profs, including my supervisor, that "I was informed that I will be called to the lab but that's about it". I can't tell u how 'revengefully satisfied' i was to express this in front of everyone, after what I had been through for the last few months. My supervisor and PhD scholar agreed to start the lab work after this scenario so I thought the bad days are over and I would finally be doing some lab work!
After the semester ended on Nov 20, I decided to visit my home and leave that shit-hole of a place (uni) and then start my lab work on Dec 1, when I would go back to uni from home. This was planned in accordance with my PhD scholar and supervisor.
But hey I forgot to tell u that the uni is actually a FUCKING JAIL and they would not let students enter the campus without the uni sending them a "permission to return" mail. I had applied for this mail the day I came back home, that is, a week back. My friend, who came with me, got "permission to return" mail two days after we came home, so I expected my mail would also come in a day or two. I am supposed to leave tomorrow BUT THE FUCKING MAIL HAS NOT COME YET DESPITE 93783287 REMINDERS SENT TO THE DEAN!!!!
So I asked my shitty supervisor to help me with me and the lady had the fucking audacity to say that it was my decision to leave the campus and she can't do shit in this. (she can, but because she is an asshole of a person, she won't). This has made me just not want to go back any time soon because I feel extremely lonely there with people like her being my supervisor.
So now I am sitting at home, wondering when would I be called to the campus. It might take a day or a week or a month, who knows. All I know is, my lab work was to start (FINALLY) after a long ass "battle" with these shitty people and their behaviour and now it cannot because I can't get inside the campus.
(i can show my friend's mail from my phone and enter, as suggested by him, but that's risky business and I'm scared of them finding out.)
I really don't know what to do.
Should I just wait for the mail and compromise the time I was getting to start some lab work or should I take the risk of being denied entry by showing my friends' mail?
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2021.11.30 05:46 sourav-9711 Dark leaves

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2021.11.30 05:46 ThatOneAustralianMan Split Screen Movie Night in PZ!

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2021.11.30 05:46 themoorofvenice Man jailed 2 months for entering protected SAF training ground to pick pandan leaves

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