Not the same movie lame

2021.10.20 00:01 Elitetimeline7 Not the same movie lame

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2021.10.20 00:01 jabrillpeppers5 Need a caption for this boys

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2021.10.20 00:01 throwawayrants1234 Spotify reading my subconscious?

A song that I have not listened to since 4th grade and completely forgot about just popped up in my time capsule. I have had this spotify account for a year and have definielty not listened to the song on the account. I also listen to a completely different genre of music now, and the song was pretty underground.
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2021.10.20 00:01 bigsheepgaming Grudge against tie boots

So, I was looking to get boots when my parents informed me that the boots will have to be tie boots because the twist ones are too expensive. Idk why hit I just have a grudge against tie boots for them not being tight enough. Idk if this was a one time thing or maybe user error but do tie boots keep your feet in tight enough?
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2021.10.20 00:01 curiousgal67 why is this?

Newbie doing research and have been watching alot of videos on the subject. Karen Calabrese who seems is a pioneer in this area, I noticed she looks haggard and her skin does not glow. I watched her older video and she always had dark circles. Annete Larkin is about the same age and her skin GLOWS. why is this?
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2021.10.20 00:01 Available_Loss2672 Yt channel

Im considering starting an active daily promo channel for $mcontent!!
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2021.10.20 00:01 legobdr WTF happened to Red vs Blue merchandise?

Back in like 2014 Red vs Blue had so much good Merchandise you could buy but now it feels like theres almost no good shirts or posters or anything available anymore! (Not including RvB Zero) The only shirts that feel any good right now are the Blue Team and Red Team shirts which are just remakes of old shirts! It's really disappointing because I finally got the money to spend on this type of stuff and they don't make anything representing classic RvB!
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2021.10.20 00:01 johnrock001 Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers

Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers -
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2021.10.20 00:01 sittinginthekitchen Please help me determine the gender of these Convict cichlids

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2021.10.20 00:01 PrankishMoss Records still haven’t shipped

I ordered a yellow and a tri color right when the store added them the first day and I still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation. Anyone else having this problem?
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2021.10.20 00:01 newbutler Replacement for my DT880 Edition 250 Ohm under 250€

I want to replace my 880 with one that has a tighter grip. I used my 880 primarily for fps gaming and rock/metal music and am quite happy with them, although I dont have any comparison. Recently I returned the new DT700 Pro X because the vibrations from the cable were extremely loud and closed isnt for me. I saw other threads and a lot kept recommending the HD560S and K712 Pro. The perfect solution would be the 880 Pro but I need a straight cable and I dont feel like modding it. Which headphones would you recommend to me?
Sidenote: I dont have an amp or a dac. I tried some dacs but I never could hear any difference (FX-Audio X6 Mini and SMSL M3)
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2021.10.20 00:01 borteyurte Coupon Code

Here is the Coupon Code
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.20 00:01 Adore_sole Happy Tuesday!

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2021.10.20 00:01 Livid_Application_94 eli5: what exactly is the "flem" you cough up when sick?

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2021.10.20 00:01 calmerpoleece No shame, no accountability — Victorian Labor's shameless cesspit on display

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2021.10.20 00:01 Stressedasf6161 How to extract Energy output from a galvanic Daniel Cell

So I’m writing a papeproject on energy produced from a galvanic cell. What is the correct mathematical and graphical approach to finding the best metal/electrolyte combination to do the job
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2021.10.20 00:01 stoolsample2 Hubby Arrested 10 Months After California Mom Maya Millete Vanished

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2021.10.20 00:01 eneusta1 Sidney RCMP - RCMP seeking public assistance after cyclist struck by vehicle

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2021.10.20 00:01 _KC_babyyy Sugar and spice

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2021.10.20 00:01 Sneakysculler Redditors, what will bring an end to civilisation?

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2021.10.20 00:01 Bela1016 Does anybody else eat soup straight out of the can?

View Poll
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2021.10.20 00:01 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man -
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2021.10.20 00:01 Fitz2001 And Embiid is Roman

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2021.10.20 00:01 stone_balone Loss

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2021.10.20 00:01 The_Gundham_Tanaka_1 Boon Totems

Has any other Killer Mains noticed that their average kill rate has gone way down thanks to boon totems, or am I just bad...
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