I finally got my septum pierced after 1.5 years of being too scared of judgement to get it pierced!! It’s been a huge part of my journey towards not giving an eff about what people think about me anymore.

2021.10.19 23:10 kaanriley I finally got my septum pierced after 1.5 years of being too scared of judgement to get it pierced!! It’s been a huge part of my journey towards not giving an eff about what people think about me anymore.

I finally got my septum pierced after 1.5 years of being too scared of judgement to get it pierced!! It’s been a huge part of my journey towards not giving an eff about what people think about me anymore. submitted by kaanriley to piercing [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:10 PLEX_OPS [Unpopular opinion] Veteran is not that hard

Day 1 of this game, yesterday, I did a blend of solo, duo, and a touch of 4stack queue - often with bots - and bested Veteran Act 1 in a matter of hours. Yeah, we had to restart 2-3 times, but that’s part of the fun/respeccing. I’m aware Act 2 will be more difficult, but I really think the concerns here are overblown.
Get headshots, talk, and drop resources for teammates in need. Doesn’t seem that complex.
I just want to encourage lurkers or recruit-only players to push their limits. If you’re getting smacked, sure, hop back down in difficulty.
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2021.10.19 23:10 Nelulol669 When are GPU prices expected to go back to normal?

I really wanna get at least,a GPU from Nvidia,even 2000 series,but prices are still outta control.I have only 325$. ; (
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2021.10.19 23:10 tussyville How to Mint 10,000 NFTs Based on One Image?

Hello! Is there a way to take custom art that I've created and then use some software to mint 10k variations on it?? Really interested in creating my first NFT series :)
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2021.10.19 23:10 Asrar_Alnajah أسباب ألم العظم

أسباب ألم العظم
ألم العظام هو ألم شديد، أو انزعاج في عظمة واحدة أو أكثر، وإن الفرق بين ألم العضلات وألم العظام هو أن ألم العظام يكون موجود في حال تحرك الشخص أم لا. الألم يرتبط بالأمراض التي تؤثر على البنية الطبيعية للعظم.
أسباب ألم العظم وأعراضه
الاسباب الأعراض
الإصابة: تعتبر من أشيع أسباب ألم العظم، تحدث عندما يتعرض الشخص لحادث سير أو السقوط. أي أذية في العظم يمكن أن تسبب ألم العظم التورم، الكسور، التشوهات
نقص المعادن: تحتاج العظام للمعادن ومن ضمنها الكالسيوم وفيتامين د. عوز المعادن أفضل دكتور لعلاج الجنف بالرياض يمكن أن يؤدي لهشاشة العظام، وهو السبب الأشيع لأمراض العظام ألم في العضلات والمفاصل، والتعب والوهن والتقلصات
السرطان النقيلي: يحدث في منطقة ما من الجسم ولكنه ينتشر إلى أجزاء أخرى. سرطانات الثدي، الرئتين، الكلية والبروستات تعتبر من السرطانات التي تنتقل للعظم تعتمد الأعراض على منطقة الإصابة وأماكن انتشار السرطان، وهي تشمل ضيق التنفس، اليرقان، الكسور العظمية، الدوار
سرطان العظم: هو يصف السرطان الذي ينشأ في العظم. أفضل استشاري عظام في الرياض نادر بشكل أكبر من السرطان النقيليوجود كتلة تحت الجلد، زيادة في الكسور العظمية، الخدر أو التنميل (عندما يضغط الورم على العصب)
الأمراض التي تعوق جريان الدم إلى العظام: بعض الأمراض مثل فقر الدم المنجلي تتداخل في كمية الدم الواردة إلى العظام، وهذا يؤدي إلى موت النسج العظمية ألم في المفاصل، فقدان وظيفة المفصل والضعف
العدوى: في حال انتشار العدوى إلى العظم، يمكن أن تسبب حالة تسمى تجربتي مع شفط الغضروف التهاب العظم والنقي احمرار وتورم في منطقة الإصابة، قلة الحركة، والغثيان
اللوكيميا: هو سرطان نقي العظم وهو مسؤول عن إنتاج خلايا العظم. شحوب البشرة، التعرق الليلي، فقدان الوزن غير المبرر
خطورة ألم العظم لدى الحوامل
ألم عظم الحوض هو من أشيع الإصابات التي تحدث لدى النساء الحوامل. أفضل دكتور عظام شرق الرياض الأعراض تتضمن الألم في عظم العانة وصلابة وألم في مفاصل الحوض. لا يتم شفاء ألم الحوض إلا بعد الولادة. العلاج البدئي يمكن أن يقلل الأعراض، الخيارات العلاجية يمكن أن تتضمن:
العلاج لتحريك المفاصل بشكل صحيح
العلاج البدني
التمارين المائية
التمارين من أجل تقوية قاع الحوض
خطورة ألم العظم التي تستدعي رؤية الطبيب
يجب أن يذهب الشخص لرؤية الطبيب في حال تضمنت الأعراض:
ألم شديد في العظام
ألم في العظام مستمر لفترة طويلة
تدهور ألم العظم مع مرور الوقت دكتور عظام شاطر بالرياض
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2021.10.19 23:10 pufballcat hailstones in Yalboroo on Tuesday afternoon measured at least 16 centimetres in diameter. We don't get any weather that interesting in this country

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2021.10.19 23:10 blaireski85 Drop Off Point

My husband is dropping me off at the fest. Do y'all know where he can drop me off so he doesn't have to wait in the long ass car line at the festival entrance?
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2021.10.19 23:10 Zephyr2209 Fan Art I painted a while ago.

Fan Art I painted a while ago. submitted by Zephyr2209 to LegacyOfKain [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:10 Zombro_the_Memer_man Welp, looks like he is now immortal

Welp, looks like he is now immortal submitted by Zombro_the_Memer_man to RetroBowl [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:10 jonathan730m Player Ratings Survey: Atlético Madrid vs Liverpool (Champions League Matchday 3)

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2021.10.19 23:10 benkokes Optimal temperature for steel mold/form for copper pour?

Just as the title is asking, is there a target temperature I should reach? The mold itself is a simple disk shape, 7inch diameter, 1 inch thick, steel, in 3 pieces -- two plates that sandwich a ring.
I have only tried one pour, and I believe the mold was too cold, as it seems the copper that touched the walls instantly solidified trapping air bubbles.
Does anyone know anywhere where I could get guidance on mold temperatures? It all seems somewhat loose, with most of the advice being to 'heat up the mold to drive out moisture'.
I would like the copper to remain liquid longer to allow the airbubbles formed from the actual pour a chance to escape.
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2021.10.19 23:10 ShaakeeeBykeee Cali edd reload method hit me on tele @cashonly55

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2021.10.19 23:10 Dodo224 Stuff

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2021.10.19 23:10 tobe_happy Help me build a platform for career counseling!

Dear Redditors,
I’m a UX design student trying to develop a platform/app for occupational counseling.
I’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to answer this short, anonymous survey to help me in this endeavor.
Thank you all in advance!
This app is NOT intended for profit but only as a school project.
(Admins - if this is not allowed let me know and I’ll take this post down)
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2021.10.19 23:10 xFallenThunderx jajaja anders but bad

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2021.10.19 23:10 bluspy88 Feel so isolated and exhausted from work but guilty for feeling that?

I’m 22 and just graduated in May. I needed to do something after school, finishing my education in my high school bedroom was weird and I wanted to be on my own again a bit. I have a humanities degree and though eventually I want to get my next degree and hopefully work in library/archives stuff, I took the only thing that responded to multiple applications, which was an Americorps program that focused on education (which has always been my fallback: I like kids generally). It was outlined as a tutoring role as support staff, and id tutored in college. I moved to another state (not super far at least) and to a big city where I already had friends living for work and school. All seemed well enough.
Holy shit. I knew the pay was shit, I’m pretty frugal and this was just a one year appointment. Well it’s October and I’ve been here since July and I don’t know if I can make it. The kids (at least enough of them) are downright fucking rude and nasty to not just myself but any teachers. I’ve been mocked about my height, weight, clothes, hair, glasses, way I walk, way I talk, mask I wear, my race, and so much more. And there is a difference between a kid trying to be funny and calling you « retarded » for not entertaining their questions. The school culture is terrible, there’s constantly fights and seemingly no accountability for any disruptions beyond a physical injury which even then the kids don’t seem fazed by suspensions going by how many have been already. Oh, and the tutoring I was supposed to be doing? It’s nearly November and I haven’t done shit. I’m an underpaid, undertrained, not liked teachers assistant who was threatened by a kid that they’d knock me out when a teacher asked me to stand in front of her door so kids didn’t keep just leaving the class and wandering the halls (there’s constantly kids running around the halls and doing whatever tf they want). So basically I’ve been asked to co manage classrooms with teachers who at best are too stressed themselves to really work with me collaboratively and at best expect me to divine what they want or just cover for them when they don’t want to do anything. My boss is a nice person who has tried to make some changes to my schedule, but a lot of it is out of his hands since it’s up to the school itself and he’s a terrible communicator too, partially from being overworked but partially just awful. He forgot to show up to a one on one meeting that he asked to change the time too.
Today I just fucking lost it. I try to politely and quietly get through my days and enjoy moments with the kids who are friendly to survive the countless who I dread seeing every day while the other teacher does nothing to support me. This one kid has to be escorted to leave the classroom for the bathroom or nurse. Guess who gets to do that? And each time she just tries to ditch me, either by running or just going into other classrooms, or taking too long « going to the bathroom ». Today she said she had cramps so we went to the nurses. The door was locked but she was in there, and as I started to say to knock, she immediately turned around, wiggled past me and says she’s going to the classroom down the hall. I’m not legally allowed to touch the students so all I can do is follow. She goes in, bothers a student in there for a feminine product and dawdles for 10 minutes, then walks back towards me, and runs for the bathroom, getting angry when I pick up my pace. I wait outside it for 20 minutes. I can’t go in, I don’t have a ready way to contact anyone. The girl and her friend who showed up are constantly peeking out to see if I’m there. Right as the bell rings they come out, but I had flagged down the superintendent. She tried to wiggles past us and gasped in offense when I told her to wait. Then she accused me of « snitching » and following her (which I was asked to do??? ) and I was fucking hot. I then had to bring her back up to get her stuff and she complained to the teacher about me. I’m now 10 minutes late to my next period, with the only teacher who actually includes me and I look forward to. I get my stuff, my heart is racing and I feel so hot now. I go in the bathroom next to my next class and am physically shaking, grabbing the railing and wanting to fucking scream.
I can’t do this and I’ve been applying to jobs (had a 1st interview last week) but my fucking god I’m scared. I would quit rn if it wouldnt put my roommate and I out. My boss wants to meet tomorrow to re do my schedule, again. Fuckk that.
Sorry for rant, but I HATE MY JOB
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2021.10.19 23:10 sansiskewl Saw this madlad in casual yesterday

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2021.10.19 23:10 Chriscftb97 We are not the same.

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2021.10.19 23:10 EvilPilotFish Buddy Holly & Waylon Jennings, Grand Central Station Photo Booth (1959)

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2021.10.19 23:10 FutureStamp A what eye?

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2021.10.19 23:10 nimobo Alberta's equalization referendum delivers clear message it 'won't be taken advantage of anymore'

Alberta's equalization referendum delivers clear message it 'won't be taken advantage of anymore' submitted by nimobo to canada [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:10 Global_Advance_2449 DHEA and TTCing

Has anyone taken DHEA to help egg quality with trying to concieve? If so what are the side effects? Someone said hair loss and now I’m nervous because I’m already losing hair as it is.
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2021.10.19 23:10 amemiyamizuki Scary Instacart Experience with Shopper

I've been using Instacart for over a year now and just had a very scary encounter with a shopper. For context, I live in a condo building and usually ask for my large deliveries (from Costco, for example) to be delivered to my unit door and left outside the door so there's no face to face interaction. Today I had an order which was delivered to my door while I was in a meeting, but the shopper knocked relentlessly on my door (instructions say to please leave at door and I will pick up later). I couldn't answer because of my meeting and eventually they left. Then I got a phone call 10 minutes later, which I did answer since I didn't recognize the phone number and thought it might have been work related. As soon as I picked up it was a man yelling at the top of his lungs a bunch of curse words and I honestly had no clue what was happening. I asked who he was and from his yelling I understood that he was my instacart shopper who had an altercation with my security guard downstairs. I apologized if there was any misunderstanding while he was trying to deliver upstairs but his yelling and swearing really scared me. I have a feeling he was knocking so aggressively at the door so that he could yell at me in person and that thought has me so nervous. It doesn't sound like much but I was so shaken from the phone call.
Is this something I can report to Instacart? I don't want the shopper to get in trouble because I understand it's a difficult job and perhaps my security guard downstairs made his job more difficult, but I'm nervous at the thought that he has my address and phone number and I would rather not be assigned this shopper in the future.
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2021.10.19 23:10 trolllover2 Headlight problems

Hello all, I have a 2006 chrysler 300c with some lighting issues. The alternator was going out and the headlights started having problems. Whenever I turned on the high beams, the HIDS turn off. When I turn the high beams off, the HIDs turn back on. The fog lights also won't turn on no matter what I do. I tried buying a fog lamp relay and changed it, but that didn't work. I ordered the HID headlamp relay and it should be here tomorrow, that's the next thing I'm trying and seeing if it does anything. If anyone has had any similar issues anything you say would be much appreciated. I have tried looking online to see if anyone has had any similar issues but no luck so far.
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2021.10.19 23:10 CopyPastePoster Ranveer Singh wants a baby daughter Just Like Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh is one step ahead of Deepika Padukone, when it comes to shortlisting names of their future children.
The actor, who has made his TV debut with game show The Big Picture, shared that he is hoping to have kids with wife Deepika Padukone in the next 2-3 years.
“Jaisa ki aap log jante hai meri shaadi ho gai hai aur ab 2-3 saal mein bacche bhi honge. Bhaisaab, aapki bhabhi itni cute baby thi na, main kehta hoon ek aisi baby de mujhe bus meri life set ho jae. Mai shortlist bana raha hu names ke (As you guys know I am married and may have kids in next 2-3 years. Bro, your sister-in-law (Deepika) was such a cute baby. I tell her to give me one baby like her and my life will be set. I am shortlisting names)," said Ranveer Singh in a promotional video ahead of the show.
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