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2021.10.19 23:10 Kassouley Crypto is a computer security consultant where I work

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2021.10.19 23:10 evgxmagma What is your favorite battle or favorite moment from a battle

I love the battle New Mombasa. I get extra hyped when I think about the original plan if Regret’s carrier didn’t jump. Odst battalion landing on top while Chief and Johnson take the gravity lift while Alpha-9 grabs the superintendent’s data.
Also the battle of Installation 05. All factions duking it out on a Hula Hoop.
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2021.10.19 23:10 Substantial_Change93 Decided to make a Jaguars rug with the old logo! Let me know what you think!!!

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2021.10.19 23:10 Officialmatice Live looping session / Alt rock Hop with french rap

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2021.10.19 23:10 g4m3f33d Where To Find Candy In Fortnite - GameSpot

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2021.10.19 23:10 Loha04 [17f] hey there lookin for a bestie to game with🥺. I’m always down to play some mc (bedrock) you just need to have discord and need to be around my age and don’t be to shy for a vc now and then so hmu don’t be scared!:3 ( had to put the same thing down here)

Hey you… yes you! If you have bedrock mc and just wanna chill and play hmu!!!! I’m always down to play some mc idc who you are you just need to have discord and need to be around my age and don’t be to shy for a vc now and then so hmu don’t be scared!:3
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2021.10.19 23:10 gbands3ds Gay🃏irl

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2021.10.19 23:10 God-first-1974 Peace From God

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2021.10.19 23:10 DopazOnYouTubeDotCom Learning the days of the week in a foreign language would be much easier if they were in order

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2021.10.19 23:10 LazyBoiRecliner Bi frog this bi frog that... how about Bi Snek? Jk

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2021.10.19 23:10 postmastern Астрономы составили полную карту рек на Титане

Астрономы составили полную карту рек на Титане Для будущих исследований космоса команда астрономов составила полные карты рек и их притоков на Титане. Это даст необходимую информацию для предстоящей экспедиции НАСА Dragonfly, запланированной на 2027 год.
Фото: J. W. Miller et al. 2021 Planet. Sci. J.
Исследование опубликовано в Planetary Science Journal, коротко о нем рассказывает сайт Корнеллского университета.
Титан по размеру больше, чем планета Меркурий. Он полностью окутан плотной атмосферой из азота и метана. Титан — единственное место в Солнечной системе, кроме Земли, с активной гидрологической системой, которая включает дождь, каналы, озера и моря. Однако вместо воды озера, реки и ручьи на Титане наполнены жидкими метаном и этаном.
Формы рек говорят о многом. «По виду реки можно делать предположения о типе поверхности, по которой она течет, или о рельефе дна, или о том, что происходило в этом регионе», — рассказали ученые. Взяв реки в качестве отправной точки, можно узнать больше обо всей планете.
Изучение гидрологической системы, схемы рек, их изгибов и разветвлений является ключом к пониманию того, как работает система переноса наносов и геологии спутника, лежащей в основе этой системы. Кроме того, авторы работы не исключают наличия на Титане органики.
«Системы каналов рассказывают, как органический материал перемещается по поверхности Титана, и определяют места, где этот материал может быть сконцентрирован рядом с тектоническими или, возможно, даже криовулканическими объектами», — пояснили исследователи.
На Земле речная геоморфология обычно изучается с помощью топографических данных и видимых изображений с высоким разрешением. Однако все, что было у исследователей, — это радиолокационные изображения Титана, сделанные миссией «Кассини». Тогда ученые взяли радиолокационные изображения Земли и ухудшили их разрешение, чтобы они соответствовали снимкам «Кассини». Таким образом стало понятно, какие ограничения были у снимков со спутника и какие данные достаточно надежны для анализа.
Исследователи составили подробные карты рек спутника и изучили то, что можно было узнать по снимкам «Кассини». Теперь заранее готов контекст для миссии Dragonfly — любую ее находку на Титане можно анализировать с учетом новых данных.
Миссия должна была стартовать к спутнику Сатурна в 2026 году, но была отложена из-за пандемии. Теперь запуск запланирован на 2027 год, в этом случае зонд прибудет к Титану в 2034 году.
Источник: НаукаТВ
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2021.10.19 23:10 Derpazoid69 29 life poison and bone GC

29 life poison and bone GC
Rune Offer
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2021.10.19 23:10 Kaitrii do skillpoint stats somehow not work?

so i have 88 attack and 118 damage on my weapon... i have a full set of bear armor and weapons, i unlock 2 "way of the bear" thingies which give a lot of stats, one of the stats being +1 damage. i check and my attack is still at 88 and my damage still at 118.
shouldnt it be 90 and 120 now?
this is something i never understood.
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2021.10.19 23:10 Rosschops Liverpool v Athletico

Why did Diego Simeone run away like a little girl at the final whistle?
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2021.10.19 23:10 g4m3f33d Where to deploy seismographs in Misty Meadows and Catty Corner in Fortnite - PC Gamer

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2021.10.19 23:10 InternationalAdvice5 Cursed Beta Testing

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2021.10.19 23:10 laceupho Could someone help me drop a class?

Trying to drop a class but I'm not seeing the option to do so on Appalnet. Can't get an advising appointment before the deadline so here I am. Please help!!
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2021.10.19 23:10 LevelReasonable Suban porfa

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2021.10.19 23:10 Rhinodragon_ Warwick Series Figure Icon

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2021.10.19 23:10 brianj64 Palinopsia? Visual Snow Syndrome? I need help!

Age: 26 Weight: 80kg Height: 1.75m Medications: None Country: The Netherlands Medical diagnosis: Anxiety disorder Race: Dutchman? Duration of complaint: 1 year and 2 months Location: Eyes and brain?
I'm writing this for two ends: This subreddit, and for a future case review (if this is actually going through, I don't know)
Where it all started
It was a nice day on the 2nd of August 2020.
I was visiting a friend outside. For a few hours, we sat on a bench, talking, listening to music, etc. I'm not much of a social person, and tend to be somewhat awkward, and have anxiety in uncontrolled situations.
Afterwards, I went to walk back to the bus, and this is where it all started. I started feeling unbalanced, as if my body was starting to lean left. It felt like I was starting to lose touch with reality.
For a while I just kept on walking, until I was barely able to walk forward normally. I sat down on a bench, where I tried to get myself together. I started to feel weird tingly sensations in my left arm, and I could barely feel touch. The same weird feeling was on my left leg.
I sat down on a bench to try and get myself together and hope it would fade away. I felt like it kept getting worse, so I called 911, fearing a stroke. The ambulance was here within 10 minutes, I sat down inside and they checked me up. They didn't see any signs of a stroke themselves, but offered to take me to the nearest hospital to be seen by a neurologist. Knowing how I felt, I decided to go with them.
To the hospital In the hospital, I was put on a bed, and for some reason prepared an IV-line for me, in case something was wrong. While waiting for the neurologist they did some blood tests and looked at my heart. Nothing seemed wrong. The neurologist came to see me after 30 minutes, did a bunch of tests on me, and also concluded that there were no sign of a stroke.
I was sent home.
Meanwhile I still felt the constant tingling in my left arm and leg, and kept getting weird sudden and constant headaches, also on the left side of my head. I never really had headaches in all my life, so this was worrying. I had a real hard time falling asleep that night, and ended up staying awake the whole night.
The next morning, I still felt the tingling and strange sensations in my left arm and leg, and I noticed that I could barely feel anything on the left side of my face. This again, worried me.
To the GP & neurologist referral
I went to the doctor. She sent me back to see a neurologist. She saw the fear I had enduring this. She had the idea that I was getting psychotic so she prescribed me quetiapine. I took this for a few days, but it was making me feel really drowsy, but in a way that scared me even more, so I immediately stopped taking it and went back to the doctor's office...
She then prescribed me 7.5mg Mirtazapine to help me fall asleep. The Mirtazapine helped me tremendously, and made me really drowsy after about an hour, and made me fall asleep within minutes. I kept taking this in the evening, to help me sleep.
Antidepressants? She had also prescribed me citalopram, and said that it will take a while for this to work. I took it the first few days, but due to the constant fear I lived in, I only took it twice and then stopped. I didn't wanna commit to anything that required long term treatment.
The weird sensations in the left side of my body kept going, and the headaches kept coming and going away, while I never really had headaches in my life. Together with the other symptoms I had, and the evil Google results, I was thinking maybe it could be a brain tumor. This only made my anxiety worse.
To the psychiatrist My doctor ended up sending me to a psychiatrist, because (like said earlier) she assumed the symptoms were due to something mental. I went to the psychiatrist the next day.
I talked to the psychiatrist and told her I wasn't really taking the citalopram. She saw how insanely anxious I was for what was happening to me and how I felt. I told her I didn't really take the citalopram
She then told me that the Mirtazapine also works against anxiety in larger doses. I agreed to up the dose to 15mg and kept taking that for about 6 weeks. I also took10mg Oxazepam 3x a day, for the first 4 weeks, for my anxiety.
The neurologist
Mid-august I finally had an appointment with a neurologist.
I talked to her about my symptoms and she did tests on me. She couldn't really find anything in the tests she did.
She asked if I was fearing something, and I said maybe it was a brain tumor. She didn't really see a very obvious reason why it would be a brain tumor, but ordered an MRI anyway. Mostly because she wanted to relieve my anxiety, but part because you can't 100% be sure it's not a brain tumor. She did say it was "unlikely to find anything related to your symptoms".
Antidepressants & start of vision problems
I was coping with my problems, and the Mirtazapine was starting to calm me down. However, I was starting to get vision related symptoms. I saw a weird half of a disc like flash in my left eye, every time I moved it from left to right in 1 rapid movement. I also started to see more blurry, but my psychiatrist said this was likely due to the Oxazepam, so I ignored it.
Since I already had worsening vision, I decided to go to an optician to get a prescription for glasses. My eyes weren't too terrible:-1.75 and -0.25 cylinder in the worst (left) eye.
MRI results
In September, I finally had my MRI, and the test results came back within a week. There were, like my neurologist expected, no abnormalities found in my brain. There were enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, which she gave me a referral for an Internist for. Still, I was extremely relieved my brain was physically okay.
Internist Since I never had a single check-up in my life (Last time I went to a hospital was in 2002 for a sprained ankle) she did a bunch of blood tests, an Thorax X-ray, and a bunch of other tests to see how my health was and how my internal organs are holding. They are all perfectly okay, and my lymph nodes visibly decreased in size too. So that was that. Perfectly healthy, as everything has been so far.
Back to the psychiatrist
After my MRI, I had already taken Mirtazapine 15mg for a while. My anxiety had reduced a lot (even before the MRI results) and all seemed to be goin well for me again, enough for me to attend classes again and restart normal life again. I was doing perfectly fine again. Yet I kept taking the Mirtazapine.
Weird hallucinations? Back to the GP
After about 2 months of taking Mirtazapine, I started to get more and more weird problems with my vision. I started hallucinating straight black/white lines in darker areas, and on perfectly white walls as well. The perfectly straight black/white lines always formed in some sort of weird oval shape, and move and rotate around. I didn't know what it was.
I went back to my GP and explained it, and she didn't have a clue on what I was trying to explain. She sent me to an ophthalmologist to get an eye exam. I didn't have a clue. She somehow managed to get an appointment in the next day.
The Ophthalmologist & Orthoptist My eyes were examined including the drops that dilate your pupils. At the end of the exam, guess what? There was nothing physically wrong with my eyes. Since I was seeing transparent shadows above objects, I was sent to an Orthoptist the next week, to check "if I was seeing straight". He did not find anything either. I'm at a loss :/
**Back to the vision problems At that moment, I started to relate the vision problems with the Mirtazapine I was taking. I made an appointment with my psychiatrist and decided to cut off the Mirtazapine completely. She said it was unlikely the meds were causing this, but agreed to stop the meds, since my life was picking back up, and my anxiety was thoroughly reduced.
Phasing out Mirtazapine A few days after stopping Mirtazapine, I felt extremely unhappy and honestly just kept crying and crying feeling completely helpless and alone. I had problems falling asleep again and I then got a new prescription of 10mg oxazepam just for sleep.
My life went back to normal
My life went back to normal for a long time, and beside the weird simple hallucinations when sleeping and the transparent shadows of objects above them, the headaches had subsided and started to become less frequent.
Until April 2021...
Another same kind of attack on my brain? Back to the GP
A random day in April 2021, I had a new same kind of attack on my brain and the left side of my body. The symptoms were very similar to the ones I had back when it all started. It just wouldn't go away. I couldn't fall asleep in the same way as I couldn't back in 2020. I was awake all night, and just waited for the morning so I could call my doctor. I went to the doctor's office within 30 minutes of calling and saw my GP.
This is were my current situation all went wrong... She said the same thing: My symptoms were very similar to the ones I had the year before. What else could it be? The doctor said that she would prescribe me Citalopram 10mg, if I agreed to take it carefully every day, and said that it would help me. I started to believe in it to, that it would definitely help.
Guess what?! A day after taking I noticed that same weird half-of-a-disclike flash whenever I rapidly moved my eye from left to right (or back) and when blinking. But this time it wasn't the left eye, it was the right eye. Note: To this day I still have this weird disc-like flash in my right eye!
From Good to Better For 2 weeks I took the citalopram, and I didn't have any single symptom, other than trouble falling asleep, which she gave me the good ol' friend called Oxazepam once again. It was the third time I restarted taking that drug. She increased the dose to 20mg.
I went back to my GP and I told her I started to feel the effects. It was helping me feel less anxious, not just in general, but also socially. I felt like I was becoming more outgoing. I really liked the effect the SSRI gave me.
Citalopram causing the vision problems? (Palinopsia?)
About 6 weeks after taking Citalopram, I started to get something that was bothering me a little bit. I was starting to see (positive colored) afterimages of stuff I looked at.
If I looked at someone and then looked away, I still saw the person in the same spot in the eye the original image was.
My GP said it was probably something I just started noticing due to taking Citalopram. I agreed to just see if it went away. The problem was that I didn't care enough anymore (a side effect of the drug I suppose).
From Bad to Worse
I kept taking the drug, until 2 months in. The afterimages, which after long research, and directed me to a symptom called Illusionary Palinopsia.
These vision problems were getting worse and worse, and even were causing negative afterimages to last very long, and positive afterimages were getting noticeably longer too.
Stopping Citalopram
I did research on my symptoms and came into email contact with a scientist & psychiatrist who does research on medicine safety and was busy with a paper on vision-related problems caused by SSRI's. As I was talking to this scientist, he convinced me citalopram was the cause of my Palinopsia. I went to my GP, told her about the research, and decided to quit the drug.
I phased it out slowly, which was going fine, up until the point I quit completely. In which I started getting brain zaps (quite normal apparently). This lasted for a month, and I can somehow still feel the zaps very rarely.
Still gettting worse? EEG and CT-scan
Weeks after quitting Citalopram completely, the symptoms just kept getting worsen, so I, of course, went back to my GP once again. I told her it was getting worse and worse. I was also suddenly having an headache on the same location of my head for a week (top of the left side of my head) with no end. I also had weird uncontrolled movements in my left hand.
She decided to do an EEG on me, which came out negative of any abnormalities in electrical activity in my brain. No answers once again. No clear signs of epilepsy, no clear signs of migraine.
And since these new symptoms were unrelated to the symptoms I had last year, she told me the last thing she could do for me was a CT-scan of my brain. I wasn't really afraid of there being anything this time, but it was still somewhat exciting (in a negative way) The CT-scan came out negative last week.
I still have no answers And I still have no answers to this very moment of writing.
I have an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist soon, and that is my last option on finding an answer to what is wrong with my vision. Meanwhile I just wanted to write my story, and hope someone finds some pattern in my problems. 4 eyes is better than 2 or so they say.
I know it's a very long (and somewhat roughly written, I'm sorry). If there isn't anything clear I will amend it.
Thank you in advance Reddit :)
submitted by brianj64 to AskDocs [link] [comments]