2021.09.24 13:43 kikoino Rangers

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2021.09.24 13:43 Pentefix225 "Omega Beam!"

Aru Aru Yuta, is a japanese student who wants to be a hero and by terrorizing villains with his absolute dominance.
Aru Aru in his free time, he goes to the roof of UA to go bird wathing but because of his quirk he is color blind, so it is unforturnate he cannot see any color but red and pink.
He flunked most academic exams, but the only exams he excelled in, is accuracy and flexibility in dangeroues situations, he was always graded an S. Aru Aru got along well with people but he has not made any friends because of his "awkward" social skills.
One day when Aru Aru went to go bird warching he coincidentally witnessed a brawl between a flying hero and a beast villain on the streets. He dropped down from the roof and blasted the beast villain to support the hero, then after a few minutes the battle was concluded and the villain was defeated.
The flight hero who was Nana Shimura, respected Aru Aru's bravery and support with a pat on the shoulder, then she flew upwards and bidded them farewell, this was the moment that Aru Aru will never forget, as this will motivate him to be a pro hero, known as "Cyclops" as in the his favorite comic book character.
Quirk name: Omega beam
This quirk allows Aru Aru to emmit a power laser from his eyes, and whilst emmiting it, he can freely manipulate its trajectory by bending the laser beam to his desired shape. (Side note: He can shoot two laser beams and each beam can stray away from each other to act as individual projectiles, but controlling two beams far from each other is difficult.)
However their is a limit to how far he can bend his laser beams, he can only manipulate it from 5 to 7 kilometers at best. But with enough training he can manipulate his omega beams with great lengths, and deal massive damage. (Side note: Shooting the laser beam straight will deal even more devastating damage.)
The true factor that makes this quirk special is that, the user can shoot more than two laser beams from his eyes even tho he only has two eyes. Aru Aru's number of laser beams proficiency depends on how awkward or determined he feels. (Side note: 0His awkwardness increases his control over his beams, to make awkward shapes in his behest, while his determination increases the strength of his laser beam's.)
The user can only see red and pink due to the mutation of his eyes, therefore he has the worst case of colorblindness.
Overusing his laser beams will put great strain on his eyes and will result in severe nausea.
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2021.09.24 13:43 big_boy_nerd What did you guys think of traitor johans reveal, I like the reveal just not the character

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2021.09.24 13:43 Lord-of-the-Res Silvaro the Sickly, Steward of Skyreach [SC]

[SC] Player Information Reddit Username: Lord-of-the-Res
Discord Username: Res Mango#4210
Alternate Characters: N.A.
Character Information Character Name: Silvario the Sickly
Title(s): Steward of Skyreach
Age: 62
Appearance: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/889468066507943966/890558163751956561/829df78fdd698f06b03211a677f2dc41.png
Starting Location: Skyreach
Trait: Diligent
Skill Point Pool: 12

0 0 0 10 2 0 0
Skills: Commerce, Industry
History Born in the forgotten rabble-filled streets of Volantis, Silvaro was the fourth son of a beggary household. His father was a washerman whereas his mother handled the chores of their household. Occasionally she would seek employment in the better off streets by performing their domestic chores and duties. Things werent that good but the family managed to make ends meet. This, however, changed soon when Silvaro's father left his family after falling prey to the charms of a local whore. This severely crippled the family, both financially and emotionally. Silvaro's mother was broken, she knew that she was now the sole bread winner of the family, but losing her husband cracked something inside of her. She could no longer get herself to even leave the house or eat food properly. Within a month of her spouse's departure, Silvaro's mother left as well, but she didnt depart her home, rather she exited her mortal coil.
The four children were now on their own, absolutely alone in this world with no one to care for them or protect them. And when they thought things couldnt get any worse, they did. Within a few weeks of their mother's passing, the children found out about their family's outstanding loan to a local noble. The children sold all their belongings and even agreed to give away their meagre house, but they still couldnt make up for the pending debt that had only multiplied over the past few months due to the exorbitantly high interest rate.
In the end, the man decided to sell the children into slavery in order to make up for the money that their parents had borrowed from him. Two of his siblings managed to escape the noble's clutches, never to be seen again, but Silvario and his sister were not so fortunate. Silvaro was sold to a religious cult that dwelled in the undergrounds of Bravos whilst his sister was turned into a personal slave for the noble who was responsible for tending to the household work alongside his other maids.
The ship taking Silvaro to Bravos, however, was caught just as it was docking into one of the city's shores at night. Upon the discovery of Silvaro and the other slaves, the Slave masters were arrested whilst the captured slaves were freed and unbranded. Silvaro spent his initial few days just wandering around aimlessly, attempting to figure out a way to get back to his siblings and free his sister. He brainstormed as much as he could, but in the end he had to give up. He simply was not influential or powerful enough to wrench his sister out of the hands of that Volantene noble nor did he have the coin to go back to Volantis and find his remaining brothers.
In fact, he didnt even have the coin to feed himself properly. For some time he managed to live off the scraps of other people but it was never enough, and he always went to bed with a growling stomach. Thus, he decided to take up begging in order to fix his persistent food problem. After a whole day of roaming the city, Silvaro settled on begging in the market district. Not only did that place have a continual supply of people, Silvaro had observed that people were going out for shopping were less reluctant towards throwing away a coin or two every now and then.
Begging earned him decent coin, enough to get him one or two proper meals in a day. However Silvaro wasnt satisfied. He saw potential in the people of Bravos and the heavy purses that they carried along with them. Also, Silvaro had begun to secretly observe and understand the marketing techniques employed by the nearby traders. This helped him develop a basic understanding of the market's functioning.
Silvaro tried to collect enough coin to start a business of his own, but he found begging to be way too inefficient for his plans to be properly put into motion. Thus, he decided to adopt a slightly illicit method to get himself started. One night he snuck into a ship that was importing clothes and garments to Bravos. In the cover of the night he stole a bag full of the items being transported by the ship and fled from the sight.
After spending a few days setting up his stall, Silvaro slowly began selling the garments he had acquired a few days prior. He started his sales in the shady streets and corners of Bravos, not wanting to attract too much attention to himself. His sales were profitable and soon he was able to purchase more stocks of garments using the money he had earned. Slowly and steadily, both his purse and the familiarity of his brand expanded. Over the years he also delved into other ventures, some were successful, the others not so much.
After continuing this way of life for over 40 years, Silvaro had built himself as one of the most reputable and affluent traders in Bravos. He was now in his late fifties and much of his life was now behind him. But just as his life seemed to have begun to slow down, something changed.
One day in the bazaar he saw a girl who looked like a spitting image of his long lost sister when she was a young girl. Silvaro knew that the girl couldnt have been his sister, but the sudden appearance of the girl had brought back old, sad memories to the aging man's mind. His nights grew more and more restless as he spent hours thinking about his sister. Somewhere at the back of his head guilt had been surfacing as well. He had abandoned his sister.
Silvaro tried to distract himself by diving into his work but the thoughts of his sister kept re-surfacing in his mind. In the end, he decided that he'd take a trip to Volantis and get his sister back, by hook or by crook. He would even buy her freedom if that was required of him to get her back. Selling everything that he owned, Silvaro collected all the gold that he had, hired a ship and a mercenary band to keep his money safe and departed for Volantis.
However, on their way they were attacked by a horde of pirate ships. The pirates came from all directions and upon seeing that the battle was lost, all but three of his hired sellswords made a dash. Most of the fleeing sellswords were slaughtered by the volleys of arrowfire launched by the pirates but a few did make it away.
All of Silvaro's gold was immediately confiscated by the pirates. They had struck a jackpot, and a victory like such deserved celebration. As the sun began to set, the pirates began their feasting. There was an inordinate amount of drinking, brawling, japing and eating. Their celebrations wouldve almost appeared merry to Silvaro had it not been for the dire circumstances he was in.
Sometime during the night, most of the pirates had fallen asleep, thanks to all the alcohol they had consumed. The few that were still awake were hardly in a state of proper consciousness, stumbling around the ship in an incoherent manner.
Finding this to be an opportunity, Silvaro and the three remaining swords that he had hired began cutting away at their ropes with the broken shards that lay scattered around the deck thanks to the ribald drinking of the pirates. Soon the men were free, however they were still aboard a ship in the middle of nowhere. This problem was resolved when the men found a boat lying aboard the ship. The men used the emergency vessel to make their escape. In the dark of the night they did not know whether they were heading north or south, east or west, but they continued to row. It didnt matter anymore where they were headed they just wanted to create ample of distance between themselves and the pirates before the vagabonds of the sea figured out what had happened.
After a whole night of rowing, the men arrived at a sandy coast that later turned out to the southern most tip of Westeros, Dorne. Having been robbed of everything of value, the men had no means of sustaining themselves. Soon-after, their party of four began to break down as the men headed in different directions. Silvaro ended up heading north before chancing upon a dornish settlement. Finding himself to be in the same situation as he had been all those years ago, Silvaro once again decided to try his old trick of stealing some goods and then selling them. This time, however, he was caught. He managed to steal the items and had even set up a stall for himself. But the sudden appearance of an old and sickly foreigner selling suspiciously dornish goods got him way too much attention and he was presented before the local lord of the area, who just so happened to be Nymor Fowler. The Old man told Nymor his entire story, and how he had ended up in Dorne. Impressed by the man's meteorical rise to riches, Nymor decided to recruit Silvaro and inducted him into his court as the Steward of Skyreach.
Silvaro's father (status unknown, probably dead due to old age) Silvaro's mother (dead) Silvaro's eldest brother (status unknown) Silvaro's middle brother (status unknown) Silvaro's sister (status unknown) Silvaro
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[Positive] u/FrankReynoldsBitch
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2021.09.24 13:43 Megachamps Does Rome 2 emperor edition come with all the dlc?

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2021.09.24 13:43 PastryMin Making the Fire Nation! (Part 5:- Main Sub-Bosses)

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2021.09.24 13:43 Empty-Independent-24 Anime or Manga

So i’ve been watching the anime in both sub and dub a little i’m on like episode 9 and it’s really boring so should i try the manga
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2021.09.24 13:43 AnnihilationGod AnnihilationGods Short Volume Ratio Update GME, AMD, AMC, BB, HGEN, BNGO, SLGG, ALTO, MMAT, SKLZ - For 23. August 2021 - If you want SVR charts for other tickers, just leave me the ticker in the comment section

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2021.09.24 13:43 hawxcomando27 Does anybody know how to fix this issue?? Started about a week ago and I can't start up zwift.

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2021.09.24 13:43 feminismandtravel UPDATE: how do I find the courage to block an ex on everything?

The original post
It’s done and he is blocked on everything. I feel free and can finally feel like I can move on with my life.
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2021.09.24 13:43 dawn_NL A moment of peace after guarding the treats

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2021.09.24 13:43 Zyber-officalyoutube We did a little something here

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2021.09.24 13:43 redburr What is the industrial name for the clear flexible pvc tubes?

So I’m sure I will get a hit here, my ferrets have started finally degrading their current tube and the Etsy seller I bought it from no longer sells it. Attempts at asking hardware store around here have rewarded me with weird looks and being taken to the hard plastic drainage pipe stuff. So what is it called so I might be able to ask for it with a tad more confidence?
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2021.09.24 13:43 dogscantwhistle Cloudflare Registrar

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2021.09.24 13:43 Gidonamor [ns] Is Horsie Oak just Gina Linetti from B99?

I feel like there is a pretty big parallel between those two characters, but maybe that's just a type of bully I was fortunate enough to never encounter irl.
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2021.09.24 13:43 CCeenesi Coupon BOXYM YK-80X Mini OLED Finger-Clamp Pulse Oximeter Home Heathy Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor 💶 Price: 10.23 EUR ⬇️ COUPON here ⬇️

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2021.09.24 13:43 kfranko94 Meeting someone in person.

Anyone in this thread ever meet someone in person that they met here? I'm 27 and this girl is 25. I am really into her and her more than me. If any of you ever met someone face to face that you met online how did it go?
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2021.09.24 13:43 2_Blue The jet stream is moving north. Here's what that means for you

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2021.09.24 13:43 rurdenimli Spafinder.com Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Spafinder.com Coupon Code Reddit
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.09.24 13:43 Pjcoder Is this how friends normally relate with each other or she did me bad?

I'm male Met this girl early this year and been talking with her ever since We got so close she shared lots of things with me like how her day went and all also some details on her personal life, I also did same. Also lead me on to thinking she was into me then I finally asked her out And she thought it was a joke at first, I made I know I was serious then she proceeded to say no we're better off as friends. Was Her leading me on a bad thing or is that how friends do and I misinterpreted?
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2021.09.24 13:43 average_enjoyer69 GTA V DODI unable to locate launcher

Why? Is it because i forgot to run as administrator or is it because i moved the original repack file somewhere else?
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