Sri Lanka arrests Tamil MP for commemorating separatist rebel

2021.09.24 14:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Sri Lanka arrests Tamil MP for commemorating separatist rebel

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2021.09.24 14:06 GDL_Red_Leaf Almost lost a chance to get Golden Toilet

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2021.09.24 14:06 LufYouWanda Play2Earn Farming Simulator | BinaFarm | PreSale Live Now!

BinaFarm - Play2Earn Farming Simulator
Build, Harvest and Earn with friends.
βœ…Join PreSale Now:
πŸš€ What is BinaFarm?
BinaFarm slogan is "relax and earn money". Unlike some other games where players have to compete with others, BinaFarm core value is based on collaboration between users. The game has a wide appeal, targeted towards different players from different ranges of ages and social classes all over the world: Entrepreneurs, executives, economists, video gamers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, etc.
😎BinaFarm token contract:
Game contracts:
Tokenomics: Team - 5% Presale - 45% Liquidity - 50%
Marketing/Development fees - 4%
πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŒΎFarm Players are randomly assigned when starting the game, players can renovate, decorate and exchange with others.
😎Trade The NFT exchange market is the harvested items including farm, items, seeds, crops, livestock.
🚜Feed and Grow Players will choose to buy seeds to grow on their farm according to their preferences or the suitability of the environment they have for each species.
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2021.09.24 14:06 CoinjoyAssistant Hong Kong crypto exchange Coinsuper adds USD-based Solana (SOL) market

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2021.09.24 14:06 Trackten369 Natsuiro Matsuri

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2021.09.24 14:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 US officials deny plans to send Haiti migrants to Guantanamo Bay

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2021.09.24 14:06 noladixiebeer China bans crypto transactions. Will GPU price go down?
Can I finally get GPU near MSRP soon? Hopefully, the used GPU market will get flooded soon
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2021.09.24 14:06 ttttay Is it possible that Phoenix is this…

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2021.09.24 14:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 US CDC backs COVID-19 boosters for at-risk workers, elderly

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2021.09.24 14:06 model-slater SB2112 - Private Health Insurance (Ending Public Funding Diversion) Amendment Bill 2021 - Committee of the Whole

The Bill, having passed the Second Reading, now proceeds to Committee of the Whole
Bill Details
Bill Text
Explanatory Memorandum
Bill/Motion History
SEN 2RD | SEN 2RV | SEN 2RV Results
Committee Required The Senate will now move to Committee of the Whole. Senators may propose amendments to the bill, and debate them concurrently.
The time to propose amendments shall end at 7PM 27/09/2021."
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2021.09.24 14:06 Ganongabang Plugged fucking

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2021.09.24 14:06 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.24 14:06 infinitus_poop420 From Kanye post

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2021.09.24 14:06 Susan_Heintz Gable Boxes

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2021.09.24 14:06 ClinicalProof Novamind Announces DTC Eligibility for its Common Shares

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2021.09.24 14:06 Kiewotiue Are MVHR venting systems meant to be left on all the time?

I moved into a newly built rental property and has this new fangled venting system - only found out digging through manuals. From what I understand it is supposed to be some more efficient heating/venting system but don't understand how it works really.
I turned it off as soon as I moved in because it makes a noticeable humming noise but I have had constant damp patches on the walls in my bedroom (only the bedroom mind you) over 9 months or so I have been here and started using it now morning and night for a few minutes but seems it isn't enough to stop it.
Are they supposed to be on 24/7?
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2021.09.24 14:06 Original-Reality791 πŸš€ CoviCoin - 100X potential even more | Launching Now | Huge Potential | HIDDEN GEM πŸ’Ž

Exciting new crypto and high utility project COVICOIN centered around helping the medical industry!! πŸš€
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πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ TAX πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€
πŸ”₯10% Buy / Sell
πŸ”₯6% rewards BUSD πŸ’°
πŸ”₯2% auto liquidity πŸ’§
πŸ”₯1% Marketing
πŸ”₯1% charity
Here are some important links:
πŸ”Ή Contract: 0x5586f6b8704658d93b8d1113f4466c4c19325990
πŸ”Ή Renounced Ownership:
πŸ”’ 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.24 14:06 fairlynx6 Need help

I will try to keep this post short, but long story short is I dropped out my first time. I didn't do well and ended up traveling around for a while. One of the reasons I didn't do so well was because I got distracted by the fact that I have never been in a relationship and tried so hard to find a partner that I couldn't keep up with my schoolwork. I am 26 and after 4 years of working odd jobs around the country from Alaska to Wyoming, to Hawaii, I still have not been in a relationship. And many of my issues for as to why are still left unresolved. I am in college now, in my junior year and am once again struggling to focus. I have a good friend of mine who I like, but I think she sees me as beta. We were walking side by side And getting ready to cross the street and she put her hand out in front of me as if I were a child.
I have stories similar to that with other people but this stems from a deeper issue- I have the propensity to get so wrapped up in my head and thoughts that nothing gets done and I have an inability to take initiative. I am very immature and withdrawn. I discussed this Issue with my therapist and he believes that this is probably another reason why I am struggling in some of my classes.
I am just at a loss on what to do. My parents didnt raise me well. They had me when they were very young so I didnt learn too much from them.
I am generally considered a smart person by most people I meet and everyone believes I am capable of succeeding. I just have blocks to work through. I would like to be in a relationship, graduate, and have a nice career, but I dont think I will make it out well until I figure this stuff out.
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2021.09.24 14:06 alanobi [For Hire] The Best of the Best in Writing Servicesβœ“

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2021.09.24 14:06 AwesomePazzoDoggo fri day

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2021.09.24 14:06 Bonocity To everyone here today...

Sending a morning thanks for choosing to be and along with that, remember that for every heavy, sad, and self defeating thought you may feel, there is plenty within you to be grateful for!
We all deserve to be compassionate and proud of ourselves, and this is just one more day of learning to be better at that versus putting our energy into addiction, suffering, regret, and pushing away the people that love and care about us.
So I raise my cup of coffee to all of you in celebration of this journey.
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2021.09.24 14:06 PinkPie69 I don’t know, make up your own caption

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2021.09.24 14:06 philTheName Thirsty

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2021.09.24 14:06 haringtiti gravity gyms. a gym where all the weights are small, but you go into a room where you can set the gravity higher to make it heavier

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2021.09.24 14:06 Cryochronos Daily Makoto #303

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