Instrumental play with some friend

2021.09.24 14:19 choc_s Instrumental play with some friend

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2021.09.24 14:19 Slimnerdyloser221 Is it really as difficult as they say for people in their late twenties and up to make new lasting friendships with people of similar age?

And if so what could be done to make it easier and accessible?
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2021.09.24 14:19 BaconBonkers My collection posters (so far). I'm liking the clean, uniform look

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2021.09.24 14:19 Foro38 You guys should try eating dog meat

Hmmm delicious dog bacon
joke btw also i'm veg(etari)an btw
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2021.09.24 14:19 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 14:19 buzfee Gone sexual !

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2021.09.24 14:19 Doge_Dreemurr SEAL LAND 25 ABYSS CLEARED with ZERO CROWN, and minimal starspawn.

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2021.09.24 14:19 _JepicK_ H: Emmets Hazmat Suit W: Offers

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2021.09.24 14:19 MASKOAA Sensitive Employee

Background I manage the overnight operations of a grocery store. I have a team of 25 employees.
One of my employees who we will call employee 2 had previously been caught being on his phone all the time which he has since stopped because I explained how since he’s on company time he needed to not be checking his phone for fantasy football information every couple of minutes. He apologized and has since improved in that regard.
I received a phone call from employee 1 on my off night and she sounded extremely distraught. She told me that while she was helping to unload the truck and separate the orders for stocking that night that she felt employee 2 was giving her attitude.
Examples according to her. A runner ( big cart we stack cases on ) was full and she asked employee 2 if she should change it and he said “your call , make a decision.”
About a half hour later employee 2 got pulled away and employee 1 got rid of an empty pallet but when employee 2 returned he said, “Oh, I was going to use that for water.” Employee 1 felt that she was being criticized all night on little things like that and the way employee 2 talks can be perceived as arrogant but he doesn’t curse and I chalk it up as just the way he speaks because on paper what he’s saying isn’t even bad or something that I would consider coaching him on.
Also during this the running joke was employee 2 stating out loud that, “I’m no longer on my phone guys so we’ll get done early tonight.” She thought that was pointed at her even though she wasn’t the one who brought it to my attention about phone use.
Employee 2 said it wasn’t meant directly for her and that he was poking fun at himself since everyone knows he use to be on the phone all the time.
Employee 1 confronted employee 2 about an hour later and told him she never said anything about him being on the phone and he looked at her and said I never said you did. She then asked him if he had a problem with her because she felt like he was giving her attitude all night and he replied with something along the lines of, “I can’t help you if that’s how you perceive it, that sounds like a personal problem.”
For some reason that sent her over the edge and she walked away saying , “What the fuck.”
That’s when she called and said she was going home for the night which I talked her out of and I went in to have separate conversations with the both of them.
I told her he said he felt like she was perceiving him wrongly and I could tell she was getting more and more pissed off at that idea that was simply her not perceiving him.
She didn’t want me to document anything but I told her when he comes to this type of interaction I’m not trained on how to help you this is something where I would normally document everything and go to an area manager in the morning with looking for advice.
She’s a great employee she works harder than most and actually cares about the quality of her work, employee 2 is a part time employee and this is his second job. He does not care as much as she does about the work but he also gets his job done and that’s all that I require.
She feels as if certain people don’t care as much as her end I tried to explain that everyone will have different levels of caring that’s something I will never be able to force someone to do especially in a labor type job.
Honestly I don’t know how to help her with this because my first thought after leaving the store was why was that the thing that set her off…..? I wanted to stay longer snd keep talking but I was honest with her I said I don’t have a solution this is something I to go my boss with for advice normally.
Any thoughts
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2021.09.24 14:19 EhlersDanlosSucks [Thanks] for the cookies!

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2021.09.24 14:19 Same_Entertainer_632 My Idea did it into an Accelerator, I need your opinion :)

Hi, I am based in Germany and I am currently developing an Idea, which is part of an Accelerator program. Our target market are Companies, who need an IT solution and developers, who want to connect with these companies and also support the platform developing micro-services, based on the problems of the companies and helping the community.
This is a short description:

We want to develop a platform, which works as tool to upload different micro-services, which will be tested, adapted, deployed and maintained, making it easy to our users to just one click the service they need and get it run as an API. without compatibility issues or needing special technical knowledge to deploy them.
we want also to implement in our platform different activities, ranking levels, hackatons, workshops. These activities and ranking system, will be the bridge between companies looking for talent and developers looking for work or to be payed to solve the problems of these companies.
The developers will have the opportunity to rank and acquire points to change them for money. this points will be acquire trough the successfully development of micro-services and how popular this is. And the ownership of the developments will be secure using smart contracts and the blockchain. The developers will also have a portfolio and all the share possibilities, to let the platform work as a job market.
If you help me whit this questions, you can let me your email or wallet address to become a certain amount of points as a gift, I will be updating to let you know when we are already launching
I would appreciate to know:
Thank you for your Help! and sorry for my bad English.
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2021.09.24 14:19 AmaySharma2006 It can't even happen in parallel universes

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2021.09.24 14:19 KingKairos22 Tyler Kleven ready to make an impact this year

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2021.09.24 14:19 VaDem33

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2021.09.24 14:19 GetContraFoked Chalo chalo line lagao

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2021.09.24 14:19 LogMeOutScotty What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

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2021.09.24 14:19 ShortAlgoBear Waiting for short signal on $DVAX

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2021.09.24 14:19 Cobalt_Chaos Pls help, after logging into my nintendo account on my phone, my account is lost on my switch

title, what do i do, am legit panicking, I can still log in on my phone but i really dont prefer it
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2021.09.24 14:19 Library_of_Gnosis What are these things?? This is High Strangeness.
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2021.09.24 14:19 Mele_based VA NURSE

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2021.09.24 14:19 memoriesofcold It’s dangerous when we allow the losers to rewrite history

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2021.09.24 14:19 Lumier3 Every night Bentley keeps my spot warm then moves under the covers when I come to bed 🥰

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2021.09.24 14:19 Iridiumstuffs How often do you stroke your noodle?

So I’m just curious. Many teenage guys these days like to ‘flex’ their multiple times a day rub down, or a daily smoothie. But in reality, how often do teens have their private business session?
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2021.09.24 14:19 serendipitybot Just another G Sharp post; keep scrolling [X-Post From /r/berkeley]

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2021.09.24 14:19 TheRSSBot Chief Medical Officer of Health to Make an Announcement

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