What are some questions that should have been a Google search?

2021.09.24 14:56 TusharDaniel What are some questions that should have been a Google search?

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2021.09.24 14:56 mengladys17 Rick Dees - Disco Duck (1976) Stereo

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2021.09.24 14:56 zhiningstarzX É uma boa ou má ideia aprender NodeJS para backend?

Seguinte, eu comecei a programar há uns meses. Sei mexer com Python e fiz algumas coisas simples usando Flask, integrando com MySQL, estou agr fazendo um aplicativo com GUI usando PyQt (sei que não é nada mt útil, mas só pq acho mt daora e queria aprender msm)
Eu gostei da parte de desenvolver sites, e cheguei a ver um pouco de Django mas não curti tanto. A questão é que eu tô afim de fazer um site fullstack simples e para isso vi alguns exemplos onde o backend era feito com NodeJS e decidi tentar fazer algo do tipo.
Mas é uma boa escolha? Embora eu queira fazer esse site especificamente, não sei se queria ser fullstack pq front-end me dá vontade de morrer. Nesse sentido, para trabalhar somente com backend, NodeJS é uma má escolha? Seria melhor estudar PHP, por exemplo? Embora eu saiba que estudar JS é bem útil, tenho um certo receio de estar "perdendo tempo".
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2021.09.24 14:56 AutoCrosspostBot This kitten born and raised on a Turkish military base ‘marches’ with the soldiers!

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2021.09.24 14:56 Pipliz Friday Blog 204 - A Grand Purpose

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2021.09.24 14:56 Geizeriai Bažnyčia keičiasi:

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2021.09.24 14:56 fachipiola14 Tonigh on bo''om geh we are trapped on a school book

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2021.09.24 14:56 Jamstraz [FO4] looking for unique building sets

I already have snappy, Homemaker etc...all the big ones but I'm looking for ones that add sets that aren't already I the game, like the Remnants Bunker. I want to build in Vault 88 but not use the vault set and concrete is just boring. It needs to look new, high tech and not institute like. Are there any hidden gems I haven't found that add something like that?
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2021.09.24 14:56 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 14:56 kolanutwaffles 31 for 31 (Top 31 tracks of 31 Records)

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2021.09.24 14:56 MCVCsDALIs Loving my new Dali's

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2021.09.24 14:56 Philsty [SG] [H] Ducky Shine 7 (Gunmetal) Cherry MX Black [W] BT £150

Item Name: Ducky Shine 7 (Gunmetal) Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard
Condition: Pretty much brand new. 1-2 days use.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/rTYqEnS
Postage and Payment: £150 BT. Shipping £10 (Higher but will cover rest)
Any additional Information: Please note that this keyboard is US LAYOUT. I purchased this from a German site a few months back for £175 + £40 import fees. I realised that the US layout isn't for me therefore tried to return it. Unfortunately the seller wasn't supportive of this. Went one way but came back as they didn't pay fees. Been stuck with it since. Therefore just looking for £150 to get rid of it. KB is perfect condition. Used it for 2 days and it went back into the box. Comes with all original accessories/keys/cables.
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2021.09.24 14:56 TheDrunkenBBQ FlameThrower Steak Sandwich | Big Boys Toy

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2021.09.24 14:56 urou What urban legends are most likely true?

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2021.09.24 14:56 StockarSTX But... but Qur'an is old 😠😡🤬

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2021.09.24 14:56 isham66 German chancellor attacked by drones!

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2021.09.24 14:56 moist-giraffes is there anywhere that i can get hot tea/honey?

my voice is almost gone, y’all. help.
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2021.09.24 14:56 Substantial_Falcon46 What do you think crew interactions with Yamato will be like?

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2021.09.24 14:56 gerrard114 Asian moms will get da broom stik

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2021.09.24 14:56 Ben3610 What builds 'solve' most game mechanics?

I'm taking: Curse immune Elemental ailments immune Chaos immune Stun immune One shot immune Bleed immune
(Or at least deal with most of these just fine 95% of the time)
My SST glad was most of these but not curses and lacked in chaos res. It seems like occultist would be a good place to start?
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2021.09.24 14:56 EducationalMemer The exploitive nature of characters and the overarching themes.

I have not seen the musical, just listened to the recording, but I watched the film last night and walked away a little confused, sad, and ultimately wondering what this film is trying to tell me about society and mental health?
By the end of the film Evan had a melancholy, but positive and uplifting message. But throughout the film, I felt like almost every character was exploiting someone else for their own benefit... a sort of “family is the only one you can truly count on” message, which I don’t think was supposed to be the theme. Is a central theme that society exploits those with mental health problems?
Ultimately, everyone except Heidi seems to be acting very selfishly.
After Connor’s death the Murphy’s are exploiting Evan for closure. They are grasping at straws. They take Evans letter as a sign that Connor had at least 1 friend. They don’t listen when Evan said he didn’t write the letter. They desperately try to make connections to happy times (The Orchard), when Evan mentions “Tree”. They love what Evan is giving them. A chance to reconnect with their dead son. But it is a lie.
Evan seemingly perpetuates the lie at first because he doesn’t want to hurt the Murphy’s, but as the story goes on he is exploiting them for the acceptance they give him. He exploits the story to get closer to Zoe, and even comes close to taking their money.
Jared only agrees to help Evan in exchange for money.
Connor only writes his name on Evan’s cast to “pretend he has a friend”.
The high school students who bullied Connor take selfies by his locker after he died. Did they really care?
Even Alana, who spearheads the Connor Project, is acting in her own self interest. Anonymous Ones reveals that her struggle with anxiety has made her a perfectionist, and that her accomplishments are just additional layers to her masks. She breaks Evan’s trust when she posts his letter. From my perspective it seemed to be a last ditch effort to get the last $25k. When anonymous ones reprieved it felt like she wasn’t posting it for the greater good, but for another badge of accomplishment — because she couldn’t let people see she failed.
The only character who didn’t seem to act selfishly was Evan’s mom.
I know the themes were mental health awareness, not being alone, and not victim blaming. Evan and Connor were victims of their illness. It just felt like these themes were drowned out by the deeply flawed characters and society around them. The Connor Project felt shallow. It felt like almost everyone was using Connor and Evan for something. Was it meant to feel this way?
Ultimately something good came from the tragedy, even if the means were selfish.
The thing I liked the most about the film was Evan reading the books that Connor liked, and discovering who Connor was. Connor was found.
To me the most positive message was that growth and healing comes from caring about someone else. After he revealed the lie most people left him, but he found solace in trying to become Connor’s friend.
I am glad I watched the movie. I’m just curious as to if the message I took away is what the audience was intended to see.
Does anyone have differing opinions?
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2021.09.24 14:56 filipinofishboy Moonton as an Odette main I already "adapt" to her NERFvamped. So do your part and update her role.

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2021.09.24 14:56 Felipe-_-dracke cusco

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2021.09.24 14:56 AdventurousGroup5798 Creo que le he fallado a mi generación

-soy heterosexual -no soy vegana -no tengo daddy/mommy issues -no tengo ansiedad -quiero una relación seria -me gustaría casarme y tener hijos -soy mayor de 18 y soy virgen -creo en el amor verdadero -no tengo pensamientos misántropos
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2021.09.24 14:56 Federal_Awareness888 Gio on pole comfirmed

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